17 Days in Greece

Having spent the last 17 days in the beautiful country of Greece, I am so excited to share my experiences, from good to bad and everything in between.  I utilized EF College Break for this trip.  For those unfamiliar with EF College Break, it is a company for 18-28 year olds (not necessarily in college).  … More 17 Days in Greece

Packing Tips Part 2

Today I’m back with Part 2 of “Packing sucks!”  Okay, that’s not what that actual title is but it’s true right?  Picking up right where we left off… Pack Smart Buy a smaller bag It’s an unwritten rule of packing: you’re going to fill the bag you have.  Start off smaller, pack less.  Starting with … More Packing Tips Part 2

Packing Tips Part 1

You’ve booked your trip, you’ve posted the countdown on your Instagram feed, and now the time has come for your trip!  Now you face a big hurdle: packing.  Can we all agree packing is the worst?  You’re constantly thinking of “what if” scenarios and packing according to your imagination.  What you’re left with is a … More Packing Tips Part 1

Why I Travel

Travel has always been my biggest passion in life, ever since my first international trip at 12 years old. Every trip I take, I learn something new about myself, others, and am reminded in the goodness in humanity. With every person I encounter, a new memory is made and a new friend is acquired. There’s … More Why I Travel