Hi there! My name is Katherine and I’m a 25 year old full time Marketing Manager in the NYC area and part time world explorer.  My travels have taken me quite far both geographically and personally.  I’m the girl that’s “always somewhere.”  My grandmother even nicknamed me “Airplane Ass.”  Holiday parties usually sound like this:

“I always look at your Instagram to see where you are now.”

“Where are you off to now? ”

“You’re always traveling.  I’m jealous.”

“How are you able to travel all the time?”

I hear these questions and statements on an almost daily basis from everyone in my life.  I am constantly the go-to for travel advice and questions.  After years of answering phone calls, texts, and emails, I have finally decided to collect all my tips, tricks, experiences, and stories into one place.  Hopefully you can learn something from my experiences (and mistakes).

May you fall in love with the world like I have one person, place, bite, and experience at a time.